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Beyond forms, infinite connections

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Edition Feast

In an age where design continuously evolves, the MUC table emerges as a symbol of adaptive design, encapsulating the core tenets of Morphic Unity and Circulation, while reverberating with the infinite possibilities the number 8 embodies.


The MUC8 table system boasts an adaptive form, where every corner's radius is meticulously designed to align with the room's circulation analysis. This innovative approach ensures that the table not only fits aesthetically in every room but also enhances the natural flow of movement within the space.


Its shape dynamically adjusts to the unique contours and traffic patterns of each environment, making it an ideal and versatile addition to any setting, from compact personal spaces to expansive public areas.

MUC8 is where boundaries blur, conversations flow, and endless stories unfold.


Sustainable Design Strategy


High Quality Materials


Austrian Artisanship



Exclusive Design


Versitile Functionality


Timeless Elegance

Product details

Größe: 220x140x25/70 cm 70kg

Material: massiv oak



Design: Ceren Yoenetim Rabl

Carpentery: Michael Havlicek

Photographs ©FabianGasperl

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