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Beyond forms, infinite connections

Edition Lounge



Morphic: Inspired by organic formations and fluid landscapes, the MUC8 table embodies a transformative spirit. It is not tied down by traditional shapes or concepts but rather, evolves with the space it inhabits. Its amorphic design brings forth a dynamic element, offering both form and functionality, seamlessly aligning with the diverse needs of its users. 

Unity: Much like the hexagon, a shape that stands for strength and balance, the MUC8 brings people together. Its contours, while defining individual zones, foster a collective unity. It's a platform that encourages open conversations, shared experiences, and an inclusivity often missed in conventional table designs. 

Circulation: The design is not merely about aesthetics; it is about influencing movement, interaction, and flow. The MUC8 table gently guides its users, creating a rhythm in their interactions, ensuring a harmonious blend of personal space and communal sharing. 

8: Beyond its physical form, the MUC8 echoes the infinite loop of connections and possibilities. When we sit around the table, we are not just participating in a momentary interaction, but in a continuum of shared experiences and memories.


It is where boundaries blur, conversations flow, and endless stories unfold.


Sustainable Design Strategy


High Quality Materials


Austrian Artisanship



Exclusive Design


Versitile Functionality


Timeless Elegance

Product details

Größe: 160x114x25/32 cm 40kg

Material: massiv oak


Designer Ceren Yoenetim Rabl

Carpentery Michael Havlicek

Photographs ©FabianGasperl

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