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Shore Pavillions
AI generated experimental design studies

Experimental Skin 

The 'Shore Pavilions' concept is an architectural form study that reimagines the interaction between form and nature. This experiment comprises three unique pavilions, each crafted from intricately pleated textiles and embodying the principles of fluidity and adaptability.

Responsive skins those shifts colors with temperature changes, mirroring the dynamic hues of the environment. Intelligent skins, creating an immersive experience that responds to both air currents and thermal variations.

Each of these three  pavilions is more than a mere structure; they are living entities, engaging in an ongoing dialogue with their natural surroundings. The 'Shore Pavilions' are a testament to the fusion of form, function, and nature, inviting visitors to experience a space that evolves and interacts with the elemental forces, offering a journey of discovery and wonder.

The wind, the unseen artist, shapes transient realms.

Here, architecture listens, responds, and transforms

Wind weaves through pleats, scripting tales in air and shadow

It shifts, a chameleon of form and color, it is alive.

breaths in...

breaths out...


Images are created with AI

Bionic Imagination

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